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Commonwealth Autism of Virginia

Commonwealth Virginia supports observations, assessments, and consultation to children and families. B2L serves as a consultant to CA by monitoring legislation, budget amendments and legislative/executive branch meetings that have potential impact on Virginians with autism.

The Commonwealth Midwives Alliance

Consists of midwives, student and aspiring midwives united in advancing midwifery in Virginia, furthering the education of midwives and education the public regarding midwifery and childbirth. B2L consults with the Alliance on legislative and regulatory initiatives.

The Brain Injury Association of Virginia

The primary source of information and personal support for individuals, families, and professionals living in Virginia whose lives have been touched by a life-altering brain injury. B2L provides consultation on advocacy and assists with obtaining funding for services.


"We could not have done it without B2L Consulting. Becky and her team did a masterful job crafting our strategy and executing on the game plan. 

We've done work for:

The Nurses Legislative Coalition
Commonwealth Autism
The Virginia Brest Cancer Association
The Virginia Hemophilia Foundation